Situated in a rural area, Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya offers excellent opportunity for the youth to develop their knowledge and skill. Being a valuable part of such an educational institute, college library plays a vital role in catering knowledge and information resources among its patrons.



The Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya Library has a small yet impressive collection of textbooks, Reference Books, Journals and Periodicals covering almost all the subjects taught in the college. Library follows closed access method for the students. Books are classified with the help of Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (19th Edition) and organized according to subjects. At present Aclib Library Software is being used to automate the library database and lending procedures. OPAC services are provided for the patrons to give a glimpse of library collection.  Users can be highly motivated by proper utilization of these knowledge resources.


The Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya Library is located in the southern portion of the college, behind the Academic building. It is a single room, one storied building which has a facility of Reading Room, Stack Room, Teachers’ corner, and Lending area.



As information resource centre Library always plays a vital role in any academic institution. It offers diversified reading materials and resources for its diversified clientele i.e. Students, Administrators, Faculty members, Non-teaching staff etc. Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya Library literally an inseparable aspect of the college. It is offering valuable information services highlighting following goals and objectives :

  1. To provide curriculum based information resources for the users;
  2. To acquire diversified information resources for the users to give exposure to the knowledge world
  3. To motivate the users to access the library for self reliance;
  4. To preserving institutional history; and
  5. To act as a catalyst in self learning process.



The Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya Library is kept open during college hours except Sundays and Public Holidays

Library Working Hours :

11.00 A.M. To 4 P.M. (Mon. to Fri)

11.00 A.M. To 3 P.M. (Sat.)

Lending (Issue & Return) Hour :

11.30 A.M. To 1.00 P.M. & 2.00 P.M. To 3.30 P.M. (Mon. to Fri)

11.30 A.M. To 2.00 P.M. (Sat.)